An Introduction to Content Management for Startups


For any business and especially for startups, productive use of time, producing quality content and user-friendly products is at the core of their existence. Making processes simpler, content easily accessible, and protecting your intellectual property are all things to consider when choosing a content management system for your team.

Here are some of the things that your startup should consider when choosing a CMS that will work with you and help achieve your business goals.  


Content is King and the backbone of your company, your website is your lead generator and it needs to be attractive and user-friendly for your visitors. With the right content management system, you should be able to easily create content that is adaptable and easy for your audience to engage with. When choosing your CMS pay attention to how easily your team will be able to create and publish content. Ask yourself, how easily can you add new pages to your website or bring your weekly blog posts to life by seamlessly inserting images and video? Your audience and their needs are constantly changing, you need to be able to update and adapt your online presence just as quickly.


Does your CMS allow for easy document storage informative documents and seamless document backup will eliminate time wasted on searching for the tools they need to help them succeed. Make it easy for them to share and benefit from the knowledge you hold within your organization.within the platform? Breakdown those small barriers preventing your team from working at their optimal potential. Easy access to 


Collaboration between your team is key! Your CMS should allow you to access your documents both online and offline and easily upload your documents once your edits and contributions are complete. Being able to access and work on your documents offline is especially helpful when working in remote areas or when you want to eliminate and turn off those online distractions.


Your data and documents are your start-up’s intellectual property and should be kept secure. Your server should comply with the security standards your content and documents deserve. Always ensure that your CMS provider holds the same regard for your intellectual property that you do and that they understand and take security seriously. cloud

 A good starting point when choosing a CMS is to consider your business goals and the tools and services that are important to you and your team to help you make those business goals happen! Our WebPal team are experts at understanding CMS systems, security and collaboration tools. We truly enjoy helping startups figure these things out, preventing issues and while supporting collaboration and productivity.

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