Progressive Web Apps: New and Emerging Open Sourced Technologies


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Open sourced software is used all over the web, from the servers that host websites, to the software languages and libraries that the sites are built from. These open sourced technologies are constantly evolving, new frameworks are being created, and old ones are falling out of use. At Palomino, we ensure that we are keeping tabs on where the open source world is going, in order to ensure that we are offering the best services we can to our clients.

One potential game changing technology is Google’s Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). In a world where the most used operating system is now mobile dominated (in 2015, 51% of US adult users accessed the web through mobile devices, vs. 41% on desktops, according to KPCB's Internet Trends report), having a website that is designed with a mobile first attitude is becoming more and more important. PWAs are taking mobile first to the next logical level.

PWAs are a completely new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web to your mobile clients.


Instead of designing a separate app for android, another one for iOS, and then a separate webpage for your mobile users, PWAs combine all of these into one web app that isn’t downloaded through an app store, but instead is accessed through your website directly.

When a mobile user visits your site, they are presented with a PWA that looks and functions just like a regular app through the store. These PWAs can:

  • Send push notifications
  • Run on limited/no network connection
  • Be stored on the user's home screen, just like a regular app


It is no secret that most users do not download many new apps on their phones/tablets. Even if most users access the web through their phones, they are very hesitant to download anything onto it - the app has to earn a spot on the homepage. PWAs skip this factor, by always being accessible through browsers. This leads to more people using the app, which means a higher conversion rate than a traditional app/website.

While not every one of our clients will need a PWA for their site, we always want to make sure that we are offering cutting-edge web applications to our clients.



For more information on PWAs and our web application services, contact us today.

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