HIPAA-Compliant Content Management Solutions

WebPal CareFlow for Algonquin College

The modern healthcare system faces many challenges, not the least of which is the management of content. The Mobile Patient Careflow project by Algonquin College and Palomino Inc. illustrated just how easy a well-designed content management system can make life for frontline healthcare workers.

The Mobile Patient Careflow project was an example of how a content management system can simplify work in any healthcare institution. One of the great benefits of WebPal is that it is completely customizable for each individual organization. Content management can be used to channel the workflow process, guiding staff to complete their work in the most efficient fashion. Internal communication improves by making information accessible to anyone who needs it.

The team at Palomino designed the WebPal suite as a tool for medium-sized organizations of all sorts who want to take their business processes online and improve interaction with clients. Watch this video interview between Karim Kanji of XConnect and our own Markus Latzel of Palomino Inc. as they discuss WebPal’s application in Healthcare IT.